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Blood Money The Brainwash Splash.jpg

Who would have thought that the very Fifty Dollar Note ($50) that sat on my desk over 3 weeks would have become the center piece of  inspiration for another piece of art. I was up late listening to Protoje single Blood Money on Spotify lastnight in my studio and some how I start dissecting the $50  basically relating to the song then I remembered Chronixx Single Ghetto Paradise from his debut 2018 Grammy Nominated studio album Chronology. The realization of the message that's within these songs prove as testament to the corruption and marginalization crisis within Jamaica. Thinking about it constantly led to me letting out my frustration as a Jamaican youth / artist to create this illustration here with that very fifty dollar note. 

Youth's this  situation of curruption and gun violence affects everyone in Jamaica, whether you are doing good or bad. We are all marginalized and  affects us all in a negative way. Just remember the future belongs to us, you are killing the future by killing off each other, let’s #endgunviolenceinjamaica 

Blood Money: The Brainwash when originally published on my instagram had grab the attention of Protoje who commented on the post after it went viral and share on his social media platform. It was also shared by Indigg Collective Protoje's  record label social media page.


Blood Money: The Brainwash was released April 18, 2018 as a campaign the following day aim at bringing awareness of gun violence in Jamaica. Released as limited run digital wallpaper for iPhone, Apple Watch, Samsung and other Android devices. Over 2000 digital copies downloaded within hours of posting with people within the diaspora and globally joining the movement #endgunviolenceinjamaica.

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