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Introspeq Limited Edtition Collection


What is Introspeq?

Introspeq Is more than just a picture it's apart of me, it comes from deep within, Its a self portrait.

How did Introspeq came about?

While creating Introspeq I had a lot going on in my mind that I walked around with daily, Ever since this coronavirus and quarantined. Corona Virus has granted me the opportunity to spend some quality alone time. Isolation allowed me to evaluate myself and put into perspective some things in my life. Instead of plunging further into depression, darkness seeps in my thoughts. I channel my energy, my thoughts, emotions, and ideas through my art. It's important I get my visions out, as such, I had to come to terms with the fact that I am a perfectionist, who's meticulous in his process.


As I am growing every day, there are some unanswered questions I walk around within my head daily. I am not the only one, we all have questioned even down to our very existence or purpose. On this journey through my life as I have come to understand many things about myself and my God-Given Gift, some may call it talent. 


Transitioning from adolescence to being an adult, deep within I am excited as a kid in a candy store with my ideas. It’s like my body is growing but my mind where art is a concern is that of 7 years old me with my first pack of Crayola about to stroke colors on a sheet of watercolor paper, in a short genius sense just so many ideas to explore, I never felt younger.

With Introspeq what I’m putting out is an introspective. Getting to know myself, understanding who I am, Who I wanna be, where I wanna be, I realized that I’m a genius/creative mad man and not everyone understands how I see things and that’s my biggest dilemma sometimes. At heart there are many questions that I ask myself, 21 questions I must say, Introspeq is my version of 21 questions, me as an artist and me as an individual, finding my place in life, understanding money, love, friendship and fitting together the pieces of my life together as I transition to adulthood. Getting to know who I am. I did this piece as a symbol of growth me being 25 years old. These questions are, Am I a creative genius? Am I a genius or its just madness? Who am I? Who I am? Is that who I wanna be?


Why we should all Introspeq?

I want people to think like really sit and dig deep inside and ask themself who am I? Am I doing all I possibly do to my fullest ability? What’s my truest purpose? How can I affect change positively? If I die today have I done everything I possibly could to make the world a better place? I want people to reminisce about who they are at most.

Change takes time, change begins with the man in the mirror. Deep inside we are scared of change. If we Introspeq we will all notice our changes, I have to first identify the problems within me then find a solution work on myself then project that change in the world. This illustration is a symbol of many things, growth, self-awareness a self-portrait, and a statement at the same time. It’s like a milestone portrayal in my life that brings to tuition the realization of many things.


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